Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our Magical Summer

I can admit that I am by no means technologically savvy.  I fiddle here and there and tinker around, but I am always asking questions.  I just recently dove into Instagram and have been participating in mommy chat groups.  I have really enjoyed getting to know new mommies and reading their ideas and solutions to daily parenting.  It has been really nice because it is easy to get lost in your own mommy world and loose track of simple communication.  

As I answer questions I have seen a trend recently due to summer fast approaching and school being out.  There are so many questions asking; "what are your summer plans?" "what trips is your family taking?"  Questions similar to those.  And don't get me wrong I have answered them, but it really got me thinking...

As a fairly new mom still (Matilda is almost fourteen months old) I seem to be questioning myself sometimes.  Not questioning am I a good mom because I know that I am, but if I am doing enough.  We sometimes get caught up in  "the way it should be" or  "the way society thinks it should be"  and the truth is there is no right way of parenting or doing anything.  That is what is so special about parenting. There is the underlying end goal for all parents, but no one way of getting there.

The truth of the matter is for us we aren't making huge summer plans and we aren't making a "bucket list". Our summer is going to look like a normal day.  Our summer is going to be filled with running around in a diaper only.  Playing outside.  Having food on our faces and dirt on our feet.  It is going to be staying in our jammies and getting dressed.  It is going to consist of water and sand playing. Painting with ice and water.  It is going to consist of going out and staying inside.  Our summer is going to be about exploring and being present in the moment.  Maybe we will go out for lunch or maybe we will have a popsicle for lunch.  We are going to live life just like every other day.  

I refuse to get sucked into what a "perfect summer" looks like.  All that really matters is that at the end of the day as I am putting my little girl to bed that I know we had a good day.  

The truth is at this age she is going to remember the "cool" places we went, but rather the laughter and the silly more than anything else! And I can promise we will have a lot of that.  So rethink those "bucket lists" and those summer to do lists and just live in the moment!

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