Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our PICU Stay

Earlier this week our Matilda Rose turned eight months old.  It is so crazy how fast time has flown by. I have to admit (mom if you are reading this you can smile now) that I did not believe anyone who told me that, but it is like I blinked my eye and she is closer to a year old already.  I have said a million times that I am not the mom that I thought I would be and I am happy about that.  Truly I am so happy with how my husband I parent our little one.

I gave birth to Matilda after I was induced at thirty-seven weeks due to high blood pressure and not passing several stress tests.  We were very cautious with bringing her home and making sure she was well taken care of and stayed indoors for quite some time.  Needless to say no matter how many times we washed our hands and made sure she was covered up she ended up catching a cold.  Now, this dates back to when Matilda was only six weeks old when she caught her first cold.  It was Memorial Day and the doctor's office was closed.  Felipe and I decided to wait until morning, as I did not want to take her to the emergency room.  When we woke up that Tuesday I immediately called the doctor's office and later that afternoon we were seen.  Just as I had thought there wasn't much that they could do for her.  She simply had a cold.  We went back home and loved on her as much as we could and tried to make her as comfortable as she could be.  

The next day she didn't seem to be any better, but we figured it would take a while for her to get over her first cold.  That night Felipe and I headed into the bedroom to get ready for bed.  Matilda was asleep in his arms and I began pumping on the bed.  I wasn't paying much attention to him at all to be honest.  I was busy and so so so tired.  Both Matilda and Felipe were sitting in a chair and Matilda woke up. 
 I heard him talking to her and then I heard him say, "Matilda!  Matilda!  Lauren Matilda!" I jumped up and saw him moving her body.  Her face went from bright red to blue.  Matilda had stopped breathing.  I will never forget that feeling that rushed over me. My baby.  My brand new baby.  She was in her daddy's arms not breathing.  I instantly went into mom survival mode and tapped on her face and blew in her face a little.  That worked.  She came back to it and she was fine.  She looked fine.  Her color was back to normal.  She was back.  All three of us ran upstairs to get my parents (we are remodeling our house so we have been staying with my parents).  We all jumped in our cars and rushed over to the emergency room.  They took us in right away.  After several tests and finding nothing they said that they thought it was SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), but that she self corrected it and was able to come back and breath on her own.  To say both her father and I were confused is an understatement.  To be honest to this day we have had no diagnosis.  Since they could not make a diagnosis during our time at the emergency room they had us sent to another hospital by ambulance to be seen by a pediatrician.  Once we arrived at the hospital they placed Matilda in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).  We were so nervous and so confused and all we wanted to do was take our six week old baby home with us.  Watching our little newborn be placed on this what looked like a huge bed and attached to different equipment and really not knowing anything was horrifying.  They again ran several tests and found nothing.  They treated her for whooping cough, but that came back negative.  They still had no answer as to what had caused her to stop breathing.  We spent four very long days at the hospital having them deep suction her nose and throat out several times a day.  I stayed with her the entire time showering upstairs on the pediatric floor.  I could not even think to leave her side.  She was such a trooper though and very seldom did she even cry.  She was so brave at such a young age and to this day is still so brave and strong.  

The morning after taking her to the doctors.

So so tired

Snoozing with her Fuzzy

Even in the PICU she is such a happy girl

I thank God each and every day that he had his healing hand over our little miss that night and has continued to watch over her.  We are so blessed.  

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