Thursday, September 1, 2016

What is your BIG HaPpY?

For about a week now I have sat looking at this Gymboree shopping bag.  It has sat in  the bathroom filled with trash and every time I am in the bathroom I read the side of the bag and it reads, "What is your big happy?"  It got me thinking about what my big happy much has happened in my life in the past few years...i met the man of my dreams, we married, we had our matilda rose,  are renovating our house, and made the greatest choice this far...after so much thought during my entire pregnancy we talked about me continuing to work and finding a nanny, sitter,or enrolling her in daycare...i never wanted to work if we were going to have babies, but sometimes you just have to have a dual income to live the life that you see fit...after having matilda rose i could not imagine going back to work, but i knew that there was a slight possibility of that happening...i prayed and prayed that God would allow me to stay home, but still wasn't sure we could i silently struggled with the idea of going back to work my husband sat me down and discussed with me his thoughts...he said the words i longed to hear...he told me that as he made the choice to switch careers he knew this was something that i desired and he couldn't see someone else being with the baby besides me...i would be able to stay home with our little miss...i was thrilled...with the career that my husband has his hours are different every day and they are long... most days he is out of the house no later than 5 am and home by 7 or 8 with that said he is sacrificing so much for his family...he is working so hard for us and not a day that goes by am i not appreciative of him for his is easy to overlook those sacrifices, but as i sit and read the logo of the bag i realize that my BIG happy is my HUSBAND.  I am beyond blessed that i found him and matilda has him as her daddy...
so What is your Big HaPpY?