Tuesday, August 16, 2016


it is so funny to me because before i became a mommy i never really put too much thought into the whole concept...i already knew things would change...i saw it when my sister had her first little one...i knew life wasn't going to be hard, but it wasn't going to be easy by any means either...we were adding a new human into it...they are hard to handle no matter how you look at it...i am doing great as a first time mommy, but boy did i take things for granted...such as....
-going to the bathroom and finishing
-looking at the pictures in a magazine...forget reading any of the juicy gossip news about the latest celebrity... no one has time for that
-taking a full shower and not having to choose shampoo and conditioner or just a shave of the legs
- taking a shower and finishing a full leg shave...not just to the knee
-watching an entire episode of Ray Donovan without being interrupted to feed or change a diaper
- not having my boob out 24/7 to feed
- having some sort of intimacy with my husband...i settle for a pat goodnight now
- sleeping any way but on my back...we co sleep my choice and i love it...but man oh man my sides miss the bed
-enjoying our bed
-doing a full makeup job before leaving the house
-picking between makeup or hair
-running an errand...it is a full diaper change, feeding, and diaper bag check before we even head out the door...not to mention going on vacation and packing for three now
i am sure i forgot to mention some...but i still wouldn't change it for the entire world...it just puts things into perspective once your little one arrives.