Wednesday, May 11, 2016

introducing Matilda Rose

let me take you back... once i entered my seventh month of pregnancy my blood pressure went sky high... i was being monitored twice a week, was asked to record my blood pressure at home, and had to do a couple of non stress tests at the doctor's office... my blood pressure was way too high and the doctor aid if it didn't get lower soon then we would have to take the next step... i went back to the doctors on april 26th for another non stress test... i had to go to the bathroom so bad that they unhooked me and let me go...when i returned the doctor was talking to my husband and i knew something was up just by the look on his face... see he tried really hard to keep it cool and show no reaction because he knows that i have such bad anxiety he doesn't want to add to it, which i am so grateful for...but i knew something was up... just as i walked in the doctor informed me that i was going to leave her office and drive across the street to the hospital and be induced right away... i was going to be placed on an iv of blood pressure medication and we would go from there... to be honest i walked out of the office with a blank look on my face... i didn't even know what was going on... it was like i was listening to her talk, but comprehended nothing she was saying... i think i was in major shock... so we first walked over to the atm and i called my parents to let them know what was happening... when we called my mom she thought we were joking... oh but we were not... once we got over to the hospital we checked all in and we were on our way to labor and delivery... once we got into the room they hooked me all in to all of the monitors and we were off... the doctor came in about eleven pm and informed me that she would break my water in the morning and told me to get as much rest as i could get right now because tomorrow we would have our little one with us... i tried to sleep and as soon as i got comfortable i felt a huge gush of water...i called for felipe and he woke up and i told him that something broke maybe the catheter and that he needed to call the doctor... it as not the catheter... my water had broke... the nurse came in and informed me that it would continue to drain water... as this was my first pregnancy i had no clue what was happening and i chose through the entire pregnancy not to do any research on pregnancy or on labor as for my personality it wouldn't be good... it actually was the best decision that i have ever made in my life... anyways... i made it until about five am and then i had to call for the epidural... the contractions were so close that i never got a break... once they gave me the epidural i slept until about twelve that afternoon... i mean in and out of sleep, but i slept... at about one thirty pm it seemed like the epidural had worn off... i called the nurse and she came in and we labored down... the nurse was amazing and she coached me through all of the breathing without pushing...  we labored down for a little while until the doctor came in and within minutes, no screaming and two pushes our little one had entered the world... the feeling of seeing your baby for the first time is indescribable... there are no words... just tears streamed down both mine and felipe's face... we made this precious little girl... she is one hundred percent ours forever... it is unreal... my mom and sister were in the delivery room with us and that was so special to me having them both with us... they were great supporters... felipe was so amazing during the entire delivery i couldn't have asked for a better partner in life... we stayed in labor and delivery for a little while as they were still monitoring my blood pressure... the niece and nephews were able to come in right after and see the baby... i was shortly taken to a new room and we stayed in the hospital for four days due to my blood pressure, but it shortly came down to a number that i was able to be released from the hospital... thank GOD...our prayers were answered... all we wanted to do was to go home and love on our little girl... Matilda Rose weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long when she was born... she passed all of her tests and she was in great health... she lost a little more weight than we had wanted, but we have since had that taken care of and she is back up to more than her birth weight so we are all happy campers... our world has forever been changed since the birth of our little girl and i wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world... today felipe sent me a text asking me how i was feeling and my response was... "my life is PERFECT"

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