Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Do Part Two

our wedding was so magical.. the most important part of our wedding was that we really only wanted people that are in our lives on a daily basis to attend...we were looking for small...if it were up to me i would have had a sex and the city wedding when big and carrie got married at the courthouse and ate breakfast at a diner...but we compromised and we had about 30 people in attendance...it was great...small and quaint...just the way we wanted it...one of the other factors for us was that we did not want the wedding party to go broke on our event...we were getting married so close to the easter holiday and we wanted our family to not feel the pressures of the wedding financially...for the girls in the wedding we had them purchase a tulle shirt from a local store at our mall and they wore a white cotton v-neck t shirt...they were able to wear any shoes that were comfortable for them...the jewelry i purchased for them when i asked them to be in the wedding...for the guys they wore blue khaki pants and a white button down all from the gap...we did have the guys wear van tennis shoes as a way to have my brother that passed away shortly before the wedding in the wedding...that was very important to both felipe and myself....my cousin was the officiant of our wedding which made it extra special and he was able to really put a personal touch on our special day...during the wedding we were able to play my brother's favorite song by natalie merchant and the whole family had a dance in remembrance of him...it was a very special moment that i will never forget....i have to say that five months after i still love looking at these photos...and the memories that they bring...
after we all got ready in the bride's room

this was our first look

the little miss herself

we do

when we danced to my brother's favorite natalie merchant song

baby brother