Monday, July 6, 2015

We Olive...Do you Olive?

so i am sure you all remember having to complete a mission report or build a replica of a mission when you were in fourth grade...well...a few months ago we went out to ventura to assist my niece in her visitation of her assigned mission...when we were waiting for my sister to arrive we stumbled upon this store called We Olive ... it is incredible... if you are a lover of olive oils or balsamic you have to make the journey out to ventura... i promise you will not be disappointed... we were able to taste several flavors and the sales experts were exactly that...experts...they were so knowledgeable with their different oils and balsamic sauces/dressings... so when we were there one of the ladies that was helping us had us try a peach balsamic... she accompanied it with a sparkling water... let me just say to die for... if you are looking for a new summer drink look no further my friends... it is by far the most refreshing drink i have ever tasted... this is what i use to make it:

i like perrier so i use that because i always have it in the house...if you like other sparkling water go ahead and use that...i tried it with a flavor and it ruined it for me...the taste of the peach balsamic is enough flavor for me... make sure to use a lot of ice...i like my drinks to be ice cold so i use tons of ice... and then a splash or two of the peach balsamic... i tested it with a teaspoon of balsamic and it wasn't enough so i use two teaspoons for the glass pictured and it is the perfect drink...

hope you all enjoy as much as we do!