Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Almost Over...

This has been a crazy year all around...With only 11 days left you would think that the work drama would go away...I mean we are almost on SUMMER BREAK!  

I have had a year...not a good year and not a bad year, just a year...a year that as it comes to an end I am happy to say that it is almost over.  I am making the choice to have this next year my final year of teaching.  I love what I do, I really do, but I feel that there is just a different place that I belong.  I started looking this past school year and I was offered three positions that would have been amazing.  All three out of town, but amazing...with everything that has gone on in my life personally (not professionally) I had to make the choice to stay one more year...It is not often that in one year time your grandmother spends 35 days in the ICU, still not to be released from the hospital and your brother passes away at the young age of 39 due to a fall and severe head trauma.  I just felt that it was best that I stay close to my family for a bit longer and not make the move just yet.  I feel somewhat confident in my choices, but at the same time I feel sad that I wasn't able to embark on a new adventure. 

With that being said, I am on my way to making next year the best year ever...I am excited to have a super large class (said no teacher ever!) but I am...I will be going from 24 to 36...a huge difference!  I am excited to introduce several new things and to be a part of a committee at work...I will stay positive no matter what is thrown my way...I feel good when I blog so I will do that more often that I have...It has been almost an entire school year...holy cow!  

With that said...I will post tomorrow so many pictures and descriptions of what our year had to offer us in first grade!