Wednesday, September 11, 2013 we all know this is an interesting year this far...I recently vented a little bit about my class and their struggles and I as an educator take it so personally.  I do not want to fail as their teacher and I most definitely don't want to see them many issues.  This past week so far we completed a lot of center activities.  I decided after meeting with my principal and vice principal that I couldn't teach the way they wanted me to and I had to change things to better suit my with that said, I created a center based learning environment for my first graders. Now, I have always used centers, but not as much as I have decided to do this year.  With this class certain things are just not an option. 
So with that said...this week we worked on Antonym Bears, Bear Addition, Read/Write/Stamp, Rainbow Writing, and Mix it Fix it.  Today was the first day with these centers and they seemed to work out great.  I was so happy and they all seemed to really enjoy their day.  Monday was National Teddy Bear Day and first grade was full of teddy bear fun!  We all brought our teddy bears to school, we completed a lesson on polar bears, fact and opinion, and teddy bear measurement.  We ended the day with a few gummy bears as a treat!


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