Sunday, September 8, 2013

I love me some RHNJ...I just can't escape the drama they have in their lives...I guess maybe it makes for easy watching since it is such CRAP!  Oh well crap it is and crap is what I enjoy on a Sunday night while trying to lesson plan and blog! 
This past week at work has been very challenging.  This is the first year in ten years of teaching that I can honestly say that I am not sure my class will be ready for second grade.  I know that it is still very early on in the school year (actually only week two), but I am so nervous for my little ones.  This past week I had to escape my classroom and go up to a friends classroom because I was going to have an anxiety attack.  I love what I do and I love my kids, but not being able to help them is saddening to me.  My class has come to me at such a low level I am scared for them.  The smallest task such as writing their names on their papers (and at this point I am not even looking for neat) is a challenge for them.  I am finding it so hard to get them to understand the simplest of tasks.  I am hopeful that I will make a change in their lives even if it is the smallest change and they will leave my class attaining some knowledge, but I am still filled with anxiety over this matter. 
I did complete a great Math lesson though this past week and a larger group than I thought grasped the concept that I was teaching.  We completed a lesson on Greater Than & Less Than...We used a center (I apologize but I forgot who I purchased this from) that I purchased and the kids really enjoyed working in groups with each other.  I was surprised at their ability to work with a partner. ( I assigned them a partner)  They were to pick two cards from their baggie and decide which was greater and which was less than and place them in the correct spot.  I made sure that they were saying the Math sentence they completed the task.  I think that it is so important for them to say things out loud so both themselves and their partner can hear it and it gives me a way to assess them.  I was pleased with the lesson and took a few pictures.

Greater Than/Less Than Center
Let me tell you on a completely different note...little girls are very expensive!  I took my niece to the American Girl Store today for her birthday gift and I swear  I do not walk out of that store for under $100.00...NEVER...It is worse than Target I tell you...At least with Target even if you don't need it you can find a reason to have it...With the American Girl Store how do you tell a little girl no...they do it on purpose...We got her "Me" doll earnings and a new ballerina outfit for her doll and a puppy of course...I mean what fake doll doesn't need all of those things?!?!  All in all though it was a great day with my beautiful niece, a little expensive, but a great day! 

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