Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another day...another ???  I think it is supposed to say dollar, but I think it should say something more appealing because I do not make enough money to handle the crap I have to handle.... I had to do something this past week that I have never done in ten years of teaching...drum roll please...I had to ask for help.  I went to my principal and vice principal and spoke to them about how scared I am for my students.  I know it is only week four, but I know in my heart that they are so far behind that I won't be able to get them up to a second grade level by June. 
Last week we celebrated National Bear Day and we had a great time.  I posted a few pictures in a previous post.  This past week and the three days of this week we worked on a book report.  I read the students Corduroy and they had to draw three pictures; one for the beginning, one for the middle, and one for the end...lets just say that we need a little help with staying in the lines.  We then created a Corduroy craft activity to go with the book reports and this was yet another challenge for some of the students.  I hate being negative, but I am so scared for my little ones.  I don't just have one or two I have twenty-four students who are not on first grade level.  We had some arms cut off, some legs cut off, and even some heads cut off.  After a few cuts and a lot of glue we all finished our book reports and I think they turned out pretty cute.  (and of course I forgot to take a picture of them.  I will take a few tomorrow and post.)  We then worked on our Sentence Buddy.  I am working with my firsties on learning that a sentence contains a capital letter at the beginning and a punctuation mark at the end.  With the lesson we completed a page in their Grammar workbooks and they were instructed to color the animal next to each complete sentence.  I took it a step further and made them draw a circle around the capital letter and a circle around the punctuation mark.  I wanted them to see both of the items and be able to recognize what makes a complete sentence.  We then made our Sentence Buddies.  The students really enjoyed this project.  Tomorrow we will write our sentence on the Buddy and learn about nouns. 

We will leave these up for a while so the students can use them as a visual.  I have noticed that my class this year needs the crafts to go along with the lessons...well till tomorrow.

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