Thursday, August 18, 2011

SO SO Long

I have been MIA...I have been so busy getting my class ready and trying to pretend like I am excited that summer is over...I am excited to be starting back to work, but let's be honest...I could use a few more weeks/months off!!! I am almost done in my room. I think that by Sunday I should be all set. I only have 22 kids this year...that is AMAZING!!!! When I walked in and counted 36 desks I almost cried...who am I kidding I did cry a many tests and work that I would have to correct...22 is not so bad!!

I might rant a little since I have been away from my blog for so's been almost a month (insert sad face with a slight tear coming out!)

I am so excited that it is Thursday!!! Why you is T-shirt Time!!!! I am addicted to shitty tv, just addicted. I think I like it so much because I can do a million things while watching it...or just watch it and have something to talk to my students about!! This will be the first year that I don't have to have a conversation about Sponge Bob Square Pants or The Wonder Pets...oh dear God that is enough to make anyone switch grades!!!!

I have spent the past few days trying to work on my lesson plan. I have to be honest...I open the books look at the words which register in my mind as another language and just look at the pages. I swear that if I leave them open long enough my lesson plan will be magically complete. I wonder what Heather thinks as she looks over at me from the one couch and I am flipping through the books as my eyes are on the television... I am going to be just awesome in fourth grade!!!!

Well back to looking at the books and watching television... I will post pictures tomorrow!!!

I decided not to do a theme in my room this year...well I have never done a theme and I wanted to try one, but I just didn't know what was appropriate for fourth I decided to use polka my theme is POLKA DOTS!!!! if that is a theme.