Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday

I am loving so many things now that it is summer time!!!

1) I am loving that I had surgery today...and yes I am still blogging... and yes it is weird that I am happy about was a six hour day at the hospital, but I am home now and everything seems to have gone really well...fingers crossed that it worked!!

2) I am loving that I start the Masters and Credential Program later this summer. I am so nervous, but really excited for the next chapter in my life.

3) I am loving that I was able to get all my TE on Monday so I have the entire summer to prep for fourth grade!!!

4) I am also loving that my former Principal purchased my entire classroom...this means that I sold all of my PreKindergarten materials!!! So nervous that I was going to have to rent a storage...yikes too expensive...

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