Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday

1. I am loving Pinterest...I am officially obsessed with this site...I can and I do spend hours upon hours looking at all the wonderful crafts these talented people make...
If you are a teacher you will love these...

Hadar over at made these special little beauties!!!
(still learning how to get it to link right to page...sorry :( )

I love the signs they have also...just too many to post!!!! This one I thought was just too cute!!!

2. I am loving that I received my Summer Swap Package today...I am soooo lucky... thanks Jen!!!! Love all of it!!!!

3. I am loving that I am now officially a 4th grade teacher... I signed my contract today and get my keys August 1st!!!!

4. I am loving that I am going Fishing!!! My dad and I are going to take a week vacation to Mammoth!!! I have not been fishing in sooo long... Hope it all works out... have to be honest I like hotels a lot so not too sure about sleeping outside!!!


  1. I came to your blog to tell you that I just signed up for pinterest and am loving it too and then see that you love MY name signs!!! You are too sweet! Thanks for the encouragement :) Good luck on your new teaching position! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new adventure!

    Miss Kindergarten

    p.s. to link images to a website, all you have to do is click your mouse over the imagine while editing your post, then click on Link in the toolbar {I usually have to click the picture and link a couple of times before the box comes up} Then paste the link in the little box. If my explanation is confusing try this site:

  2. Glad you go it and liked it!! :)
    Enjoy the trip and congrats on the job!