Monday, May 16, 2011

Fourth Grade What?

So here is the deal... I have wanted to go back to school for a while now and pursue my Masters and Teaching Credential, but have not been able to since you have to student teach. Which I think is just crazy seeing that I have been teaching for seven years, but whatever... If you are unaware when you work in a Preschool in California you are not able to complete your Masters and Credential because you can only student teach in a K-12 classroom which is rather hard when you are a full time teacher already... so no matter what it was just not going to work for me staying in Preschool.
I was offered a position as a Preschool Specialist in San Francisco that would have doubled my salary which is great and all, but the end result still would leave me without my Masters or Credential so there was no point. I was offered a position as a fourth grade teacher at another school and I accepted. Holy Cow I am going to teach fourth grade...This is going to be very hard for me... I am leaving my babies, my love, my life for the past seven years. I have been a Preschool Director for the past seven years. Fourth grade is very different from Preschool!!
I am very excited and nervous. I know I will do great, but it is still scary...
I want August to come already so I can start, but I don't want it to come because I have so much to do to get ready!!! Wish me luck!!

Now off to sell my entire classroom of Preschool Materials!

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