Thursday, February 10, 2011

TGIO (Thank God It's Over) My Day That Is!!!

I am still at work, but my little's are napping. Thank God. We had a very hard day in Pre-Kinder today. It started out where their little brains would not wake up. They kept saying it was Tuesday and that we were in the month of January. We forgot how to pray and our pledge and we also forgot how to eat our snack. (screaming in my head at this point)
During snack one little boy took his muffin and crumbled it all over the table as another crumbled his all over the floor. (They cleaned up all that mess on their own, as they say..."Teacher Miss Muscarella is not our maid)
Then to turn around to one little one hitting another and at play time a little girl bending another friend's finger all the way back. (There goes that friendship)

And when did patterning become so hard for my class when on day one they mastered this concept...I am serious I almost fainted that more than half my class knew how to pattern. Today, we were back in August I think.

All I can say is Thank God It's Over...

Tomorrow should be a better day...I am hanging onto hope here...

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