Monday, February 7, 2011

Now presenting Sid and Lola

This is Sid, our new addition to our class. The Hermit Crab.

This is Lola. Our new Fish.
This is a sample of one student's Hermit Crab House.
Very Creative with the sun, flowers, and bumble bee!!!
This is my too cute bulletin board. (At least I think so) I hot glues shells, sponges and sand on the board.

Today I started my unit on the ocean. I have planned for this unit for months! I decided that I would try my hardest not to only do the things that I did in previous years and I have so far become sucessfull (at least in my lesson plans)!

Today was day one and we were greeted with two new friends.
We first read the story A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle. As we read the story we discussed what kind of house our crab would live in if we owned one. We talked about what we would put on our shells to make them the most beautiful.

They then were given a pre drawn hermit crab habitat (Well...I tried to pretend I was an artist for a second) to draw their hermit crab, food, decorations, etc.

I then presented the present to them. I covered our friend with a blanket since I do not have a Mystery Box... I asked them to close their eyes and guess what they thought might be in the box. We had guesses from a dog to a hat. i then gave them three clues. It lives on the land or in the ocean, it has a hard shell and it changes its' house when it grows too big. One child guessed that it was a crab. I then revealed the mystery. And it was a Hermit Crab (this little creature set me back $54.00) But it was worth it to see their faces!!! They decided on the name Sid.

I then introduced our new pet fish. I bought both, but could not wait to show the class the fish so it was not nearly as exciting as the Hermit Crab, but they did name her Lola!!

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