Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of Love

My Valentine's Gift

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Now that's out of the what a day. We had a movie and party today in class and the kids handled themselves quite well.

We decorated our shoe boxes on Friday with white construction paper and then the children were able to glue, color and create their boxes any way that they saw suitable! Today we placed our Valentine's inside the boxes. We had homemade cupcakes and juice and we watched a Valentine's Day Movie. What a productive day;)

On a different note...A rule in my classroom is that no one is allowed to eat candy at all. Well today I put a small twix in my mouth and as I was chewing it Diego, a little boy in my class, looked at me and said," Teacher, we aren't allowed to eat candy in class. You better spit that out in the trash right away." I looked at him and followed his exact direction. Now should I have done that? Should I have allowed a five year old to command me to do something? I thought about it and I figured he was right. I really didn't need the twix bar anyways so he was doing me a favor and saving me those extra calories that I did not need!!! Needless to say... I should lead by example I guess :)-

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