Friday, January 28, 2011

When a child gets it...

So today was an exceptional day in preschool. Typically my Fridays are filled with fun activities that motivate my students as well as help them review what we covered throughout the week. Today, I was focusing on the alphabet. I try to play an alphabet "game" at least twice a week, but this week was so packed with everything else, we did not get to play our "games". So today, I thought BINGO would be great. It was no typical Bingo game. I have a special needs child in my class and she was the second child to get Bingo. She was able to match every letter on her Bingo board to the letters that I called out and doing this without looking at the card and just by me calling out the letters.
This may seem like no big deal to anyone else, but when this child says a few short sentences a day, that consist of about three words... this is a huge success for her. I was so happy that I was literally crying in class.
I can tell you this, there are days that I want to rip my hair out and there are days that I think, What the hell am doing, but those thoughts stay in my mind for just about 2.5 seconds and a moment like this happens and it makes all my gray hair (and I really do have it...thank God for my hair lady) worth it...I really do love my job!!!
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