Thursday, January 27, 2011

The News Just Broke and I am devastated

If anyone has been watching the news you would see that my school year just increased to 200 days. Now, I know that I have always said that I love my job and it is my passion, but if I am 100% truthful having a long vacation is also a passion of mine. I am not too thrilled about the situation, but I will figure out a way to stay positive and deal with the sadness of my normal 60 day vacation to my new 25 day vacation. There will be tears though for sure!!!

On a much different note...OPEN HOUSE... Let me say that this is a day that I have to say I dread every year. Typically my classroom looks great. I am not showing off, but it is true. I love to decorate my bulletin boards and display my student's work, but I hate having to create Open House Lesson, so I did not this year. I promised myself that I would change my lesson plans around to suit others. The most important needs are my students and if I don't have work to show it too bad. Tomorrow I will be very busy though getting everything ready for the Open House and the Dedication and Blessing of my preschool. Wish me luck.

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