Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello my name is Miss Muscarella and I have a terror in my class

I have been the luckiest teacher by far this school year. I have the most amazing class that a teacher could every ask for. My children are well behaved, caring, considerate, and truly have a love for learning. I get excited for each morning to come and want to go to bed early so it arrives faster... Until today... I woke up just like every other morning and my day started and my kids were amazing until 8:12am, when Allen walked in. At first glance, one would think what a cute bowl cut brown hair little boy, but countdown to terror...5,4,3,2,1, blastoff.
This child spit, hit, slapped, said no, moved after I placed him in a carpet square, ran out the gate, you name it, he did it. He was by far my hardest child that I had to deal with this year so far. I think about the past two years and I have had a breeze with teaching. My kids have been wonderful, but today gave me a run for my money. Lets just say I went home with only one thing in mind and that was my bed.

On a different children decided to today that they would not answer to their names. Carmen, a little girl that I call Carmenita decided that she would only answer to Princess Peach. Maritza will only answer to beauty and Melony will only answer to Melonita. When the children called Carmen, Carmen, she refused to answer and actually got very upset. Dear God, my students are tiring...

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  1. And people think that teaching is easy! Puh-lease! :)