Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Americana Water Table Play

Fourth of July is right around the corner and we are super excited about it over in the Huizar household!  Funny thing is... we don't even really celebrate, but I am excited for all of the activities I can do with Matilda.  We started early this year and created an Americana Water Table. 

Matilda had a lot of fun playing with the bubbles.  We added red and blue food coloring as well.  She put some bath toys inside to play with and I added some paint brushes so she could paint the wall!

All I used was food coloring, dish soap, and water!

The easiest cleanup as well... just dump the water out!

Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sister Photos

When Matilda was born we did a photo shoot in the hospital... for Eloise this wasn't really an option as we were in and out so quick... she was born Tuesday morning and I was discharged Wednesday afternoon...

So we decided to wait until she was a month old and do a photo shoot with both the girls... we took Matilda's two year pictures and Eloise's newborns!

They turned out really cute!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Name Recognition Activity Three

I have been posting for the past couple of days about different activities you can do with your little one to help with name recognition.  Today's activity is... drum roll please!!!  We have Alphabet Fishing... this is such a fun activity for a little one.

For this activity you will need a sensory bin.  Now these can be really expensive if you go out and buy one from an educational store, but what you can do is read this blog post DIY Sand Table on how to make your own or even use a plastic container... which everyone always has these laying around!

Fill the bin with anything really... just not water for this activity... you can use rice, beans, sand, seeds, beads, you name it, you an use it... We used the dyed rice from our project a few weeks back...The Easiest Dyed Rice...We had sea shells in ours as well and we decided to leave those in too!  It made the activity even more fun!

We then took colored construction paper we cut into squares and wrote a letter of the alphabet on each square.  Make sure to use a dark colored marker or sharpie for the want to make sure the little one can see them!

The next step is to create your fishing rod. For this we used a dowel.  All we did was add a piece of double sided tape to the end... I used what I had at home for this!  It worked great. 

That is it... so simple and fun!

Again, this can be used for letter, name, number, or shape recognition... there are so many options with this activity!

 Hope you enjoy


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Name Recognition Activity Two

I have been working with Matilda on letter recognition for some time now... she is able to identify all of her letters and tell me a word that starts with each letter!  I am beyond proud!  I have been working with her on name recognition as well.  I want her to be able to identify her name.  Back when I was teaching this was one of the very first concepts I taught. 

Yesterday I posted about a name recognition activity and today I have another one!  My students loved working on this activity so much.  I called it "Name Puzzles".  I honestly have no clue what the name is or if there even is an official name, but this was what I called them when teaching!

This activity is so simple.  You take a piece of paper (any color) and write out the child's name in a dark colored marker or sharpie.  Make the name large enough for your little one to see.  Then you simply cut each letter out into a puzzle piece. 

The concept of the activity is for the child to put the puzzle back together correctly.  They are able to then identify the sequence of their name.

It is a lot of fun!  If you are a teacher you could use this as a morning activity before they move into centers or before you start your school day!  You could also use this activity for sight words as well!  

Hope you enjoy!  


Saturday, May 26, 2018


I don't know about you, but I love me some storage... I love storage containers... I love anything plastic that holds things... I love baskets and boxes... you name it I love it... I love being organized... but let me tell you how hard it is for me with two kids!!!

We live in a really small home... it is actually under 1000 square feet... I just pretend that I live in New York and my house is BIG!!!  but who am I kidding... it is small and we have two kids which means we have a lot of stuff...

Like I said before I love to be organized and I like the girls things to be as well... I was having the hardest time with Matilda's paints and paint supplies as well as her play-doh... There was not a box that fit it all, or a basket that worked well enough to make me happy...

I was explaining my frustration to my dad one day and he came up with the most brilliant suggestion... he went to his office and out he came with a Husky Tool Bag... I wasn't too sure if it was going to work, but I was willing to give it a try... and guess what it WORKED!!

It was the perfect solution to my problem. 

Besides the bags being great for storage; another cool feature is that they are portable.  We can carry the bags outside, to different rooms, and Matilda herself can carry them easily...which everyone knows that a toddler loves to help carry things!!!


Friday, May 25, 2018

Our Outing To The Library

I have been wanting to take Matilda back to the library for some time now... and we finally made it there today!

We had so much fun.  Matilda was really excited all morning and she even dressed herself in a fancy tutu and her Mickey and Minnie shoes.  She is so darn cute!

Our library has a huge children's section.  They have an entire section just for toddlers with toys, tables, a play kitchen, blocks, toy cars, and so much more.  It was such a cool little set up!  Matilda immediately started playing the puzzles and made herself right at home.  She was able to interact with some other children during her time there which was really nice as well. 

After we played for a little bit we walked around and picked out a few books to borrow and take home.  This idea was so "cool" to her.  

I have been wanting to start reading short chapter books to her so we were able to grab two of those as well as a book that is about princesses! 

We are both really excited about bed time tonight! 

Matilda was also able to get her very own library card today!  She was so cute and asked me to take a picture of her holding it so she could show it to her family!  I love that sweet soul so much!  Once we filled out the forms to get her her very own library card she was able to hand the librarian her three books and watch him scan them into the computer.  The librarian was so sweet to Matilda!  It was a great morning.

Our library has toddler story time once a week as well so we are looking forward to attending that next week!  It also has a book club that meets once a week which I thought was pretty cool!  Maybe one day...when I have time to actually read again!